Softscaping Services

Softscaping ServicesThe softscaping features of a landscape refer to the living plants incorporated into the design to provide a barrier, oasis, or visual focal point. These features add natural beauty and textures into the landscape and the possibilities for implementing them into a design are virtually endless. Green Time Landscaping can help you decide on which plants would work best for your landscape and incorporate them into the design. Our main softscaping items and services include trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and garden design.

Landscaping Tree

Landscaping TreesTrees are the most pronounced, long lasting softscaping feature and they can be used for many purposes within a landscape design such as a barrier, windbreaker, border, or shade element. There are two main tree families that each contains a variety of different species: deciduous trees and evergreens. Deciduous trees can add massed foliage or flowering to the visual appeal of the landscape and evergreen trees can add a touch of color in the winter.

Landscaping Shrubs

Landscaping ShrubsShrubs are an important softscaping feature because they hold the design together by bridging the gap between the other main features. They are often implemented into the landscape design to provide an insulation and wind break barrier around the yard as well as line walkways, driveways, fence lines, and decks. Shrubs are also ideal for bridging size and height gaps between trees and smaller plants. Like trees, shrubs are either deciduous or evergreens with evergreen shrubs providing color in the landscape year round.


Hardscaping ServicesThe hard soil and cool temperatures of the early spring create a challenging situation for most plants to grow but annuals thrive in these conditions. Annuals are spring flowers and plants that are grown in greenhouses during the winter and planted in early spring after they have fully grown and flowered. These flowers are very colorful and provide a nice focal point within the landscape but they are very short lived. Annuals are often used in planting beds, window boxes, and hanging baskets and include flowers such as pansies, impatiens, petunias, marigolds, begonias, and snapdragons.


Hardscaping ServicesThere are many varieties of perennial plants from plants with lush foliage and flowers to grass types that come in a variety of sizes and colors. Perennial plants are extremely hardy and will provide the landscape with a nice touch of color and texture throughout the entire growing season. Their durability makes them ideal for planting in difficult spots in which other plants would not survive to create an interesting focal point. Perennials have two main periods of growth; in the first growth period they produce foliage and in the second they produce flowers.

Garden Design

Hardscaping ServicesLandscape designs can really benefit from having an oasis built into them and gardens provide a great way to incorporate an oasis or elaborate focal point in the design. The main types of gardens that are generally incorporated into landscape designs include flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and rock gardens that feature hardy plants interlaced with stone structures. Designing the garden is the most important step because the design will determine the dimensions of the garden and where certain plants will be placed. Green Time Landscaping can help you create a garden design of any style tailored specifically to suit your landscape.

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