Landscape Maintenance

Softscaping ServicesAfter a landscape is built, it must be maintained regularly in order to preserve it and keep it healthy and clean. Green Time Landscaping provides landscape maintenance services to help you keep your landscape well maintained so you can spend your summer months enjoying your yard instead of working on it. The main landscape maintenance services we provide include pruning, mulching, fall and spring cleanup, irrigation, and drainage solutions.


Pruning is a very important form of plant maintenance in which dead or weakened branches and limbs are removed to improve the structural integrity and health of the plant. While many homeowners may do the pruning themselves, improper pruning techniques can damage trees and shrubs by causing diseases, infestations, or rotting as a result of a bad cut. The professionals of Green Time Landscaping are trained to perform proper pruning techniques on your plants.


Mulching provides a landscape with two major benefits; it helps maintain the health of the plants and contributes immensely to the aesthetics of the landscape. Placing mulch in planting beds for shrubs and flowers is beneficial to the health of the plants because the mulch helps retain moisture in the soil and prevents weeds from forming. Areas of mulch are also great for providing boundaries within the design and making the landscape appear much more clean and neat. There are several different types of mulch available including rubber mulch and wood mulch that vary in color.

Fall & Spring Cleanup

The spring and fall seasons are the most important times for landscape maintenance because leftover leaves, plant matter, and other debris from the previous seasons are left scattered about the landscape. Our spring and fall cleaning services include cleanup of this debris from the lawn and planting beds as well as mulching, trimming, pruning, and edging around planting beds and borders to prepare your landscape for the growing season.


Water is crucial for the survival of all plant life which makes irrigation an extremely important aspect of landscape maintenance. Private irrigation systems provide water to the entire landscape using sprinkler and drip irrigation components. The sprinklers are placed strategically to water the grass while drip irrigation components are used for watering trees, shrubs, and planting beds. Green Time Landscaping can install irrigation systems to suit any landscape that are connected to a control box that allows you to set a watering schedule.


Standing water can cause problems within a landscape by leaving dead spots in the lawn which is why it is important for a landscape to have proper drainage. Green Time Landscaping installs drain tiles in landscapes that collect excess water into a subsurface pipe system that brings the water to a drainage zone. There are also drainage solutions available to catch runoff from downspouts and sump pumps by diverting the water into the drainage system. The addition of a drainage system will keep your landscape free of standing water from heavy rainfall.

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