Hardscape Services

Hardscaping ServicesNo landscape is complete without the incorporation of hardscape features to provide barriers and points of interest throughout the design. Hardscaping features are the inanimate objects that are interspersed in a landscape and there are many different types available which allow homeowners limitless possibilities for incorporating them into the design. The designers of Green Time Landscaping can help homeowners decide on the right hardscape features that work with their landscapes. The main hardscaping features that we offer include masonry features, water features, and wood features.

Masonry Features

Masonry FeaturesMasonry features make a great addition to a landscape and they come in many forms with infinite possibilities for brick and stone styles. Common masonry features include surfaces for patios, walkways and driveways; fire pits and fireplaces; retaining walls; outdoor kitchens; and steps among others. Some of these features such as steps and walkways make walking around the landscape easier and safer while other features such as outdoor kitchens and fire pits provide a point of interest for people to gather.

Water Features

Water FeaturesWater features add a unique touch of elegance to a landscape and they can be incorporated in the design in many forms. The most common water features include pools, ponds, dry creek beds, fountains, and waterfalls that can be custom designed to suit a particular space. You can approach the addition of water features in two ways; you can either create one as a main focal point or as a smaller addition for soothing background sound and added visual appeal. The design options available for each type of water feature allow for virtually unlimited creative freedom.

Wood Features

Wood FeaturesWood features are also extremely versatile hardscape features that can range from fully constructed buildings such as gazebos to structures such as arbors, pergolas, decks, fences, and garden bridges. Structures made of natural wood can add different textures and colors to a landscape as well as different design elements to further personalize the layout of the space. Wood features normally serve as retreat spaces or as support for other features of the landscape such as water features and plants. Green Time Landscaping can help you choose from a variety of wood features that can be incorporated into your landscape design.

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